Watkins Glen Lifts Boil-Water Order, Ending 9-Day Restriction on Tap Water

welcomeWATKINS GLEN, Aug. 24, 2018 — The Village of Watkins Glen announced at 9:50 this morning that its untreated tap water is safe to drink again — lifting a nine-day-old order to boil water before drinking.

The notification by the village water department, which also applies to the Town of Dix and Town of Reading water districts as well, was posted on the village website and announced in robocalls to residents of the districts this morning. 

The village said it ended the boil water advisory with the approval of the state Department of Health, which took water samples for testing on Aug. 22.BoilWaterNoticeREADY

The boil-order, issued Aug. 16, followed earlier tests by the health department of water drawn from Seneca Lake, the source of tap water for the three water districts. That tested water failed to met a state threshold for turbidity, or cloudiness.

The turbidity problem arose from torrential rains that swept the region on Aug. 15, causing widespread property damage in the Lodi and Hector areas in particular.

Turbidity is not always dangerous, but it is often associated with the pretense of harmful bacteria, viruses and/or parasites that can cause diarrhea, nausea, headaches and other symptoms.BoilWaterLifted

The boil-water order also forced the cancellation of the scheduled three-day rock festival by the Vermont jam band Phish at the Watkins Glen International racetrack Aug. 17-19.

The order has also led to numerous cancellations at hotels and a bed & breakfasts in the Watkins Glen area. 

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  1. my name is Erica Thieler and I was a stagehand at Watkins glen for the phish festival along with many members of the James Thomas production crew who was affected by the water innocent and I want to make it known that myself and others got sick from this issue. I had stomach cramps, violent throwing up and diarrhea. I missed a couple days of work and also affected the following gig I was on. I recently discovered that the county knew about this problem a week before we arrived and did not say anything. Meanwhile we are drinking, bathing and eating food cooked with this contaminated water. Had our boss Chris shuman from James Thomas had known he would be putting his crew in danger he would of never sent us there to begin with. This has affected all of us not only physically but mentally BC we lived in tents for weeks and stormed everyday and we never got dry. When they finally announced why the festival was canceled we had been there a week already. Myself and co workers are having breathing issues and strange bumps on our bodies. If this information was truly withheld from us then something needs to be done immediately to compensate for our health issues. I hope you respond quickly and acknowledge the wrong doing here. Even tho we were sick and living in horrible conditions, we Finnished tearing it down with pride.


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