Corrections and Clarifications

Beginning today, Aug. 1, 2018, I will post a record of significant corrections and clarifications to articles that I’ve posted on this website. 

In the past, I’ve made changes to posts to correct or clarify so that current material on the site is as accurate as I can make it. However, that doesn’t solve the problem of early versions of posts that went out before corrections were made. 

I hope that readers will continue to feel free to email me at when they believe a post is not entirely accurate. Going forward, I will post an explanation of all significant changes that result.

— Aug. 1, 2018.  Several posts on WaterFront incorrectly reported FlaumSignREADYthat David M. Flaum
has been a principal in Circular enerG LLC, according to Alan Knauf, the company’s
attorney.  Knauf said Flaum has never been a principal or an investor in Circular enerG but is affiliated with Seneca Depot LLC, which owns the site in Romulus where Circular enerG proposes to build a trash incinerator. As LLCs, neither Circular enerG nor Seneca Depot are required to disclose their principals or investors, but both companies share a Rochester address with Flaum Management Co., Flaum’s real estate development company.